I couldn’t resist…

I don’t know about you, but in my neck of Canadaland it has been c-c-c-cold.

Cold, baby, cold.

Yesterday, it was -6 Fahren with a wind chill of -24. That’s -21 Celsius with a wind chill of -31. Everyone is this household uses Celsius speak, except me. I’m from the Missouri Bootheel and cannot survive in a Celsius world. We were under a wind chill warning for the day, which means that frostbite on exposed skin can occur in less than 10 mins. That was not a problem for me, because I had no intention of sticking my fuzzy sock covered toes outside. See Writer Winter Wear here.

If you’re living in Alaska, or Montana, or the Northwest Territories, you’re probably doing this right now…. pffft.

I understand.

But this is not the norm in my neck of Canadaland. Not. The. Norm.

So when I saw this comic today by one of my favorite cartoonists, Mike Gruhn, over at WebDonuts, I knew it was the perfect Hello, Monday!

WebDonuts Comics - Hiding