Italian Fido…

Back in March of 2010, I started reorganizing the pantry. I say that as if it had been organized at any prior time. That might be misleading. Before and after pics would have been great. But I have this flaw. This fatal flaw. I can never remember to take before pics. And. And. We’re not exactly at after. We’re closer to after than before, but on a continuum of before and after we’re here ————|—–.

First, I found these yummy confiture jars from France. They’re working out real well.

Next came the cracker jars from Anchor Hocking in the US of A. I’m living for the red lids.

The various shades of my sideboard are a testament to my photography skills. That’s right. I don’t have any.

Last month, I found these. These beautiful, delicious, hermetic jars from Italy.

Red. One of my signature colors.

Sizes 1/2 litre to 5 litre. Be still my pantry-organizing heart.

See. Fido.

The whole yummy jar with rubber gasket. This is the 2 litre. I’m filling them with sugars and corn meal, and steel cut oats, and…everything.

FYI — No. I’m not leaving that gasket in the bottom. I’m putting it on the underside of the lid where it belongs. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be much of a hermetic jar.

I love them so.

I’m procrasti-writing today.

Hello, Monday!


Disclaimer: No one knows me at Bormioli Rocco in Italy, and I don’t know anyone at Bormioli Rocco either. Sames goes for Anchor Hocking in the USA and the confiture jar makers in France, whoever they may be.