We’ve seen precious little…

… of this this winter.

In Jan/Feb, I normally spend a post or two talking Northern Girls, snow hotties (these are my favorites) and snow denial.

Snow. Snow. Snow. Snow. Snooooow. I just had a little White Christmas moment there.

Go ahead. Just look at most any post in Jan/Feb, especially of 2009.

This year, not so much. I haven’t even seen a snow hottie. Let me tell you, that is a real travesty.

Oh, we have snow on the ground. We’ve had to break out the snow plow……once. Pretty much all of it could be done by hand, and without benefit of a snow hottie. I’ve mostly used a broom on the side patio and the back stairs. Yes. I was cheating, but I didn’t even have to go outside for that.

Yep. Passed us by. Slammed the US Midwest and Eastern Seaboard. Slammed Europe. Even The South took a hit. Other parts of Canada and Ontario have had a good winter blast. Torontoland…not so much.

So I give you this from 2007. Sames goes for 2011.

Special Report

How I love the Rick Mercer Report.