Wedding Dress Essay Contest for Military Brides…

As most of you are aware, I have been a volunteer angel with Soldiers’ Angels for several years. My primary interests have been the Adopt-A-Soldier and Valour-IT programs. And FYI — 1286 deployed troops are currently awaiting adoption.

From time to time, I make a pitch for, or post information of interest from, SA and the Valour-IT Campaign, which I participated in the last two years. This is one of those times.

Note: The angel image I am using is not a logo of SA, but it is a watercolor image in keeping with my site theme. And I love the way the hands are the body and wings of the angel. That is what SA does. It lends a helping hand to U.S. troops serving across the globe. And its hands are big and opened wide.

The time sensitive, essay contest information below comes via Lisa Luhrman, Blog Coordinator for Soldiers’ Angels.

If you know of a military-bride-to-be looking for a dress, pass this along.

Essay Contest Deadline: April 21, 2011. Hurry!

Due to a donation from a lovely bridal boutique, Soldiers’ Angels has on hand sixteen gorgeous wedding dresses that will be awarded to sixteen lucky military brides! Dresses will be awarded by contest, with the brides who write the best essay about their own love story receiving their choice of dress.

Dress sizes range from 6 to 14, with a size 24 and a size 42 as well. Some are brand new, others have been rented, but all are clean and in superb condition. Most are very detailed, with additions of lace, cutouts or sequins, and styles vary greatly.

For contest eligibility, procedures and more information, click here. Contest ends April 21, 2011.