Riding along in his Lincoln Town Car…

Yes, this is me. This is me workin’. This is me writin’. This is me tossin’.

I’m working on a short story right now. Can you hear the the screaming across the intertoobs? I love the short story form, but there isn’t any margin for…..anything. Tight, tight, tight. That is what your writing must be.

I’ve been writing, stepping out. This morning, I stepped out with just a hoodie on. It’s going to be 46 here today with the sun shining. I have chives inching up out of the ground and crocuses that are straining to bloom. Not bad for Hump Day.

Back in February, February 3rd to be exact, Author Colleen Thompson over at Boxing the Octopus had a little win-a-free-book-and-movie-poster thing going on. Leave a comment and be one of five lucky winners. I left a comment not expecting to win, because I live in Canadaland. But I must have had my mojo working, because I turned out to be one of the five lucky winners.

A few weeks later, this was delivered to my door:

Yes. This yummy poster. Well, Hello Matthew McConaughey, honey. And that nice fat, trade paperback of THE LINCOLN LAWYER by Michael Connelly. All courtesy of the movie studio — Lionsgate — and sent by Little, Brown and Company.

I’ve never read a Michael Connelly suspense novel before. I’m looking forward to it.

Mr. G, honey and I did some stepping out last week.

We stepped out to see…

It was a Thursday night in our little burg. Late afternoon, actually. We were playing hooky. Absent without leave. There were three of us in the theater. The Brit must have been playing hooky, too.

The movie was good. Real good. The tension, the pacing was exactly right. McConaughey was the best I’ve ever seen him in a role. Full props.

On the way out, I asked the Brit — that’s how I found out he was a Brit — if he enjoyed the film. Why, yes. Yes, he did. He’s read every single Michael Connelly book and assured me that I would have a thoroughly satisfying read.

Can’t wait.

So, thank you Colleen Thompson. Thank you Boxing the Octopus. Thank you Lionsgate. Thank you Little, Brown and Company. And thank you Michael Connelly and Matthew McConaughey for an evening of fine entertainment. Very fine.