We’re hatching FotF today…

Not only is he rolling into town, but he’s carting things around. Things that look suspiciously like E-eggs. Check the scarf. This is definitely a Northern Bunny. I have that scarf in a different color set. Might have the ears, too.

The countdown continues.

We’re hatching link love on the blog today. No foolin’!

Finds on the Feed:

For Writers — from the Girlfriends Book Club blog: Simon Says by Hank Phillippi Ryan. Ryan dishes about Paul Simon on lyrics as literature. Oh, I wish I could have been there. Some of the most powerful stories I know are told in lyrics, and I’m a huge Paul Simon fan.

For Writers — @ NathanBransford. 99 Cent E-Books and the Tragedy of the Commons. The title speaks for itself. The comment section is as thought-provoking as the article.

For Freelancers — @ JaneFriedman. The Two Rules for Successful Freelance Pricing by guest author Laurie Lewis. Lewis speaks from her 25 years of experience as a freelance medical writer.

For Lovers of Small Spaces — from Small Notebook for a simple home blog: Smart Design from a Petite Venetian Kitchen by Rachel Meeks. Oh, how I love the simplicity of this.

TGIF, baby!