The Day After, aka Here be Monday…

The day after a visit from the E-Bunny and the groaning board that is Easter dinner found me doing this:

Okay. I wasn’t actually doing that. That is not in my pictorial dictionary under treadmill or dinosaur or under Easter dinner aftermath. That is never gonna happen.

But I did spend a goodly amount of time tromping around the flower beds in my rubber boots — before The Rains came — tidying plants from the winter season, digging out some early pesky dandelions, and spying all manner of post winter growth. The blue tips of the Blue False Indigo are showing, as are the tips of several hostas, and the deep red tips of the peonies. Common violets are poking up everywhere — even where they shouldn’t be. Day lilies and chives are about six inches high, and the periwinkle has opened a bloom or three. Progress, baby.

For my money, that was better than a whirl-on-the-treadmill-that-is-never-gonna-happen any day.

Because here in my neck of Canadaland it is Easter Monday, Mr. G honey and I had a playdate.

Because The Rains were coming, we decided to go see Water for Elephants and eat theater popcorn.

Thinking more about that treadmill experience.

You should see it, too. It was seriously good. I’m going to read the book now.

Water for Elephants – Trailer

Here be Monday.