Tuesday by any other name…

Hm. I’ll have to break this days-of-the-week post title thing I’ve got going. It’s making me think of  buying underwears.

This is what my world looks like today. I can only imagine what those lovelies are thinking.

I’m thinking it might go something like an old Bill Cosby monologue… “NOAH…”

Or it might be more along the lines of, “Mama? Have you seen my umbrella?”

Speaking of umbrellas. I’d like an all-weather brolly-bumbershoot–sunshade-mush-chatta-gamp-bumbersoll. Thank you, Dr. Roget. Something that would take me from the harshest winter through the heat of summer. I haven’t found it yet. If you see it, would you please share the good news?

Barring an all-weather model, I’m digging this. In the worst way.

Isn’t that just yum? I found it at Cheeky Umbrellas. Yes, I had to visit their site on the name alone. I love the colors and the stripe that runs across the top — black and blue together. Yep. Working for me.

This morning was a technological trial. A trial in which I had to acknowledge my own technological deficiencies. It was a total waste of a perfectly good, thunder-rumbly morning.

I could have been writing. I would have been writing. I should have been writing.

Coulda, woulda, shoulda.

I digress. It was a trial. In the end, the technological burp was fixed, but not without consulting my entourage of geek/nerd/tech experts.

Afterwards, I had to listen to Map of the Problematique to sooth myself. Muse — not your gran’s alternative rock.

So. How’s your Tuesday going so far?


p.s. Nobody at Cheeky Umbrellas has every heard of me or my blog. That is all.