Summer Solstice and Blue Gatorade…

Happy Summer Solstice!

These yummy cut peonies are from my garden. They have been keeping body and soul together for the last week or two. My body and soul. I can’t speak for yours.

Pneumonia Boy is finally recovering, but the viral cough he shared with me lingers on…mostly at night. This gets me kicked out of the marital bed frequently. Dang cough!

Adding insult to injury —  because that’s the way we’re flying these days. Adding insult to injury, I was gifted with a super-sized dose of food poisoning at an event last Thursday. It was violent. It was all-consuming. It was ugly.



I sipped a lot of water and blue Gatorade. A lot. Sunday, I could eat a cracker, drink some tea. Yesterday, orange jello. And by evening, a very well dry scrambled egg on a piece of dry nasty white toast.

Even Ornery Sven was sympathetic, though suspiciously absent during those violent first days. Chicken Sven.

Today. Tuesday. It’s better.

I slept a lot with Pride & Prejudice, the Matthew Macfadyen/Mr. Darcy version — aka the 2005 Keira Knightley version — playing in the background.

I read on my Kindle. I used the Amazon Buy now with 1-Click® a lot.

Which brings us to tomorrow’s post — My Kindle Experience.

Until then, I wish you a Happy Summer Solstice!

I share with you my lovely scented pink peonies.

I drink blue Gatorade. Cool Blue.

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