JoAnn Ross was right. Dang it! I buy more books…

I became part of the Amazon Kindle tribe in November 2010. It was an early Christmas present that I did not wait until Christmas morn to open.

No, I did not.

Once you have it, you’ve got to use it.

The end.

My good buddy, JoAnn Ross, told me that I would buy tons more books once I had the Kindle.


She was absolutely correct.

There were a number of reasons that I waited to succumb to e-reader madness. I’ll list them in no particular order.

1. It took awhile for Kindle to be offered to the Canadian market. Too long.

2. I was looking for an e-reader purchase price close to $100. Kindle hit $139.

3. I wanted time for the e-readers to be on the market for awhile, and to read the reviews and compare the Sony Reader with the Kobo with the Kindle. These were the three available to me in Canadaland.

4. I wasn’t sure I wanted an e-reader.

5. Tree-saving vs electronic garbage is still an issue for me.

Before I dug into my credit card — Hello! Online Shopping — to claim an e-reader, I downloaded Kindle for PC and the Reader Library Software for Sony, so that I could test out the digital reading experience on my mini. At that time, Kobo would only allow you to download software for your PC if you already owned a Kobo. Sadly, that eliminated them from my e-reader bucket list.

I finally settled on the Kindle, because they offered an e-reader close to that $100 mark I was looking for — though every once in a while I long for color — and because they seemed to offer more titles to me, the reader in Canadaland, and at a better price.

My Kindle Experience ~

Let me reiterate. JoAnn Ross was right. Dang it! I buy more buys.

Not only have I bought more books, but I have tried many more new-to-me authors. This pleases me.

Sometimes, I buy a book I already have in print format.

And sometimes, I buy a new book in both digital and print.

And sometimes, I buy a new book in digital only.

One of the things I really love about an e-reader is the ability to take a number of books with me wherever I go. I can do some professional — love the highlight and note functions, Kindle — or pleasure reading to suit my mood, or I can do a little of both.

I used to have a canvas bag just for shuttling reading material every time I went on a trip — business, field, vacation, or otherwise. This is so much better. Mr. G honey is still toting a bag, but I know it’s because he’s holding out for the iPad. He’s a dreamer.

Two words — Amazon Whispernet for international wireless delivery. Oh, baby! Do I love that combined with Buy now with 1-Click®. Yes, I have finished one book in a series in the wee smalls and clicked on over to get the next in the series. Yes, Alyssa Day. That was you and your Warriors of Poseidon series, known around here as The Atlantis Boys.

Font size choices. This is huge for me. If I’m reading late and eye fatigue sets in, I simply ratchet-up the font size.

No doubt other e-readers have these, or similar, or better functions. I’m not comparing one to another at this point. Once I settled on the price I was willing to pay to jump into the e-reader market, it didn’t really matter what functions other e-readers did or did not have, including color.

Here is what I’ve noticed about my buying habits ~

I still buy my fave favorite authors in print.

If I start a series in print, I finish it in print.

If I start a series in digital, I finish it in digital.

The 99¢ book is a great way for me to try a new author. Because if I loved your story, I’ll buy your other books for 2.99 or 5.99 or 7.99.

What I won’t do is spend more for a digital version than the mass paperback version. And I don’t understand why I’m not getting the same cover as the mass paperback when I’m paying the same as I would pay for a mass paperback. What’s up with that?

I’m frustrated when I can get one book in an author series in Canadaland, but not another from the same publisher. Sometimes I can’t get them, even when they are free. Yes. International copyright law and all that. But when it is the same author and the same publisher, I don’t understand the nuances of ICL.

9.99 seems to be my upper limit for a digital book, though it is rare that I will spend it. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s the digital version of a hard cover or trade paperback costing much more. It’s still a digital copy in black & white, and I am unwilling to invest those kinds of dollars in a digital book.

Summary ~

I never dreamed I would be such an e-reader enthusiast. I love print books in all forms — mass, trade, hardcover, coffee table. But I love the e-reader portability, too.

What I really want, as a reader, is an e-reader that accepts all digital formats or all e-readers to use one format, such as PDF.

One reader’s experience.


P.S. Yes. That is my Kindle on my blue sofa with Hugh MacLeod’s EVIL PLANS queued. Can’t wait.

3 thoughts on “JoAnn Ross was right. Dang it! I buy more books…

  1. I wish all formats were created equal, like CDs and mp3. I have a Sony ereader. It was a gift and I do like it. And there’s a book I want in digital because it’s so darn huge in hardcover but it’s got lots of colour photographs. My Sony doesn’t do colour. It’s not a pdf so I can’t read it on my laptop. I wand the Blackberry Playbook. Want want want. Not in my budget. But I won’t buy that book until I can read it on a portable device that’s convenient for me. And yes I buy more books 😀


    • Yes. I want the Blackberry Playbook, too. And, no, it’s not in my budget either. One thing I forgot to mention with the e-reader is that I’m afraid to read with it in bed. I’m afraid I’ll doze off and drop it. You can do that with a paperback, but I don’t think the Kindle would handle that “thump” as well. Just sayin’. 🙂


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