Hold on, Friday. I’m Coming…

Hold On…

I love me some Eric Burdon. That is all.

For Writers ~ Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge: Sub-genre Mash-up at Terribleminds. Hurry. Click on over. July 1st deadline.

For Dusters Everywhere ~ Coryanne Ettiene’s Dusting 101 at Housewife Bliss. Clickety, clickety.

For Muffin Lovers, Lusters, Whatevers ~ Healthy Almond Meal Banana Muffins by Gabi at Honest Fare. These are on my TBT — To Be Tried — list.

It’s a blog quickie today. I’ve got to find three field stones for the landscaper, who is starting Phase III next week. Disclosure: I’m not actually going out into the field. That’s not the kind of gal I am. I’m going to the place of field stones. This is the last phase before I have to find plant materials. Yippee! and Wahoo!

TGIF, baby!

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