While I’m waiting for Molehill Doom…

What is this?

Back in December of 2010, I started posting Friday Finds on the Feed, which morphed into Feed, with a post tag of Feed Finds. This is where I showcase 3-4 blog posts of interest that I discovered on my RSS feed that week. I usually start with a find for writers, but there have been feed finds for chocolate lovers, readers, apron lovers, laundry doers, food lovers, bloggers, soup lovers, social media lovers, Peeps lovers, and so it goes. Something for everyone from things that interest me. I always link to the post and give the blogger’s Twitter username, if they have a Twitter account.

Here’s a sample from last Friday:

For Muffin Lovers, Lusters, Whatevers ~ Healthy Almond Meal Banana Muffins by Gabi at Honest Fare. These are on my TBT — To Be Tried — list.

Just in case you’ve been wondering.

While I’m waiting for Molehill Doom to morph into a piece of terra firma a Hobbit could love, let me share some awesome from the back garden.

My Rosa ‘Nearly Wild’. It’s a shrub rose that blooms continuously throughout the summer. I planted this one last summer and another one the summer before.

Love the little out-of-focus buds in the foreground.

This is a creamy peachy-pink rose that isn’t really growing much. I often wonder if it is time to let it go, and then it produces the yummiest little blooms you could just eat. I really like the play of light in this shot.

My sage bloomed this year! This is an SOC shot — straight out of the camera — which best shows its grey-green leaves.

Okay. Enough about my back garden.

Happy Hump Day!