pots, fascinators and feed…

My orchid didn’t flower this year. Instead, it decided to grow a new leaf. Right up the center. I’m okay with that. Leaves are good.

Now, I’m thinking my Popsicle lime green pot looks like it’s wearing a fascinator.


I’ve been planting Pink Fairy roses in the front garden this morning. Once they recover from my delicate touch, I’ll post a pic or two. I wore jeans, a hat, sunscreen, gloves and sweat. It’s a south westerly or a west southerly exposure. Something like that. It’s hot. It’s bright. It will cook an egg on your face. Two hours, and I threw in the gloves, swilled Gatorade — Big Blue — and collapsed. It was those pesky rose holes.

For Writers ~ Kristen Lamb’s Tips for Being a Healthy Writer at Kristen Lamb’s Blog. Ahem. Kristen must have been looking over the fence…at me. Loved the video she included. Click on over.

Among other things, Kristen is a writer and social media expert, and author of We Are Not Alone: The Writer’s Guide to Social Media and Are You There, Blog? It’s Me, Writer. I have both on Kindle. I need all the social media help I can get.

You can find it on the intertoobs.

That’s it this week for Feed.

Weekend’s here.