Hither and Thither…

I’ve been a very bad blog mama. A very bad blog mama, indeed. I don’t know where August went, but it is gone, baby, gone. It was a hither and thither month. Sure. Go ahead and say that fast five times. You won’t make it to the last thither.

When I wasn’t on the road, I had my head in the writing zone. It was good. Is good. When I didn’t have my head in the writing zone, I was in the kitchen creating and consuming calories. When I wasn’t in the kitchen creating and consuming calories, I was in the front garden — the new garden — burning calories. Sometimes, I was a spud on the couch sucking back entertainment. Purely educational, of course, like that PBS Nova special, Becoming Human. Three back-to-back episodes. I might have snoozed through part three. Clearly, I was not the last human standing.

Like August, I was gone, baby, gone. I was in The. Elen. Zone.

Like the start of school, I’m back. I might even have a new fall outfit and a shiny binder or two.

For your viewing pleasure, not to mention @LdyDisney’s Friday Happy Dance of JOY!!!, I give you…


…Because I love all things Eric Burdon.

For Writers ~ @ Boxing the Octopus, The Drought Busting Writer by Author Colleen Thompson.

For Garden Lovers Everywhere ~ @ The Inspired Room, Preparing Your Yard & Garden For Fall: 5 Things To Do Now by Melissa.

TGIF, baby!

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