Speaking of things…

…growing out of the compost bin.

You thought I would be blogging about something more titillating the day after the Labor Day weekend? The day school starts in my neck of Canadaland? Sadly, no. But I should get some points for using the word “titillating” right out of the gate, post long weekend.

Back in June, I showed you some Columbine growing out of the front vent of the compost bin. Here is what’s been going on since then.

August 15 ~

Pumpkin? Squash? Zucchini? Whatevers?

August 21 ~

I know not.

August 29 ~

We like it here. We’re not leaving.

Hello, elephant ears!

September 5 ~

Growth spurt!

What do you think? Pumpkin?

We’ve hopped the fence and are making a run for it.

Get out of the way, Hosta. There’s some nice cedar mulch out there, and we’re heading for it.

I’ll probably have to clip this back when it gets to the front walk. There must be a city ordinance somewhere about migrant pumpkin-squash-zucchini-whatevers.

Let me know if it makes it over to your place.

2 thoughts on “Speaking of things…

    • LOL You are most welcome, as in hie thee over! However, I think it’s a pumpkin. The Runaway Pumpkin. The Runaway Pumpkin Bride. Not to be confused with any Julia Roberts vehicle.


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