It Feels Fallish…

This was a short week. It looked like a short week. It smelled like a short week. It was a short week.

Moving along.

It feels fallish. Autumnal.

It’s my favorite time of year. Though it’s technically not autumn, the mornings here are cool, and I’ve been sporting some yoga pants and sweats before noon. Oats are back on the breakfast menu. The serious kind — steel cut oats.

Mr. G honey hauled a cord of wood from the forest nursery yesterday and stacked it in the garage. I’m thinking his knees are five years older than the rest of him now. He used to hew and haul, but now he just hauls. His hewing days are over.

I’ve been placing the flagstone in the front garden do-over and watching a resident chipmunk skateboard off our new patio. He thinks he’s landed in a chipmunk theme park. I know just how he feels.

I’ve been roasting some veggies, making some jams, cleaning some windows, and trying to avoid the bees, the spiders, and the flies, who all seem to want to come indoors with me.

Because I’ve been doing and avoiding, it felt like the right time to hang the wreath of autumn leaves on the front door. I mentioned it to the Gster. It went like this.

Me: I think I’ll hang my autumn leaves on the door.

Mr. G honey: It’s too early.

Me: You’re hauling and stacking wood.

Mr. G honey: It’s too early.

Me: You’re prepping the snowblower.

Mr. G honey: It’s too early.

Let it be known throughout the land that I will be hanging the autumn leaves on the door this day.

Moving along.

For your viewing pleasure, not to mention @LadyDisney’s Friday Happy Dance of JOY!!!, I give you…


I was doing some story research on the intertoobs — don’t ask — and came across Joe Clay’s Duck Tail. Rockabilly, baby.

For Brie Lovers ~ @ Inspired Taste, Brie with Spiced Honey and Walnuts. This is what Adam and Joanne call an easy date night recipe for couples on the go. I can’t wait to try it. Click on over.

For Fall Lovers ~ @ The Lettered Cottage, Decorating With Pumpkins. I tweeted yesterday that these pumpkins were insanely cute. They are. Layla and Kevin regularly make my hair fly up. They are insanely cute, too. Click on over.

TGIF, baby!