Can’t do it…

My head is still down. Workity. Workity.

That being said, I’m stepping out on Wednesday, aka Hump Day — the middle of the work week, which we all would like to sprint over. By all, I might mean me.

So. I’m sharing some sprinting-over-the-hump-day fun. I first saw this music & lyric as it was choreographed by the fabulous Luther Brown on So You Think You Can Dance Canada. You can see his brilliance here on YouTube.

Then, I had to see how the Black Eyed Peas performed this, their music and lyric In. The. Beginning. You can see it here on YouTube with the 152+ million other people.

But for here at the blog, I’m sharing

Joya & Emre’s wedding parody version…

The Time (Dirty Bit) ~ Black Eyed Peas

Yep. They’re doing videography.

This song is now on my iTunes cardio list. Just try staying in your seat.

Can’t do it.

Hump Day, we’re sprinting dancing right over you!