the good stuff homestretch…

This be the last installment in the frontscape saga, aka the wee paver project.

Pink Fairy Roses up close and personal.

The mother hen has been producing lots of little chicks. We were counting on that. Go, Mama, Go!

The Coreopsis Not Moonbeam is beaming. I love the airy quality of this perennial. It’s in constant motion. So sunny and bright.

Purple Coneflower, you are so plump and purty. Now grow so more for me, honey. Yes, I talk to my plants. They need it for the grow spurts.

The Russian Sage hasn’t been blooming for awhile, but it has been growing nicely. It will be fabu next season. It’s tucked behind the big rocks from the rock lot.

Be still my little dahlia-lovin’ heart.

I gave her a close-up shot. She deserved it.

Tall White Perennial Thingy — It’s reblooming. It blooms all up the stalk and grows to about two feet.

All the images above were taken yesterday. It was a dull, rainy day, so they didn’t turn out too badly under the circumstances. The ones below were taken at the end of September.

Purple Asters! I planted a small clump of these in my previous front perennial bed. I divided them when I took them out. Some are now in the back. They’re spreaders! I’ll have to keep a flinty eye on those asters.

Thyme! I have a thing for thyme. These have really grown since planting. They are at the curve of the patio, and I have high hopes for them. High hopes.

This is a long shot of the pink fairy roses. They run right alongside that stretch of pea gravel. Over time they will bush out, hanging a little bit here, hanging a little bit there. They’ll be hanging out.

Butterfly Bush taken at the third week of August. It was a good bloomer. It had the blooms.

Okay. You can begin to see how things are placed. This was taken yesterday.

Before ~ Taken in June

Again, Before ~ Taken in June

After, baby! This was taken the middle of September. I’m standing back at the holy line of demarcation where the daylilies and periwinkle squat. They’re squatters. They have s-rights.

Thus endeth the longest landscape saga ever, excepting Beowulf. Well, that be a bloody long poem having nothing to do with landscaping. Nothing.

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    • Just so. lol I’m glad you are enjoying the landscape posts. Did you see the second dwelling between rocks in Brittany, France that I put up last Sunday? I did it for you. 🙂 Cheers!


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