The burning question for me today…

The burning question for me today is Where are my earrings going? Are The Borrowers getting them? Are they being sucked into a black hole, alongside the U.S.S. Enterprise? Because I seem to have an ever-increasing number of single earrings, which is driving me to wear mix ‘n match. And they all seem to be my favorite pair.

I don’t think Gracie Golden Pup is getting them, though she did eat a five dollar bill this morning while I was in the shower. It was on the bed, okay? I was able to identify it by the small, saliva-wet remnant on the floor. How she missed the inhaler, I don’t know. #goldenswilleatanything

How many single earrings do you have in your earring dish? On your earring tree? In your man bag? We’re an equal opportunity blog here.

I wonder if you can get earring tattoos?

Moving on.

For Hump Day, I give you this ~

How to Open Spaghetti

This is from one of my favorite Canadian bloggers, Karen, at The Art of Doing Stuff. She’s been showcased in my Friday Feed Finds, aka Finds on the Feed. Karen makes me laugh. Karen can do stuff, and she’s not shy about showing you.

If you are one of the 65 people on my Facebook, you’ve probably seen a link to this. I should really work on that number. 65 is like maybe the number of pushups you can do. Unless you’re me. I can do not 65. Click on over. There is a big F at the top of the page to assist you.

The rest of Karen’s post is here. Go forth and add her to your feed.

You’re welcome.

Happy Hump Day!