Cannot sit still…

Today is the day.

Today is the day that we pick up the new vehicle of motor.

It feels just like that.

Just like going to the carnival for the day. Getting a ride on the Ferris Wheel. Eating some cotton candy.

And that car. That car with the flames licking up the hood and sizzling down the side. That car sporting a natty parasol. Well, I would have bought that car in a New York minute.

In that car, I could have made a movie with Pixar.

We’re gonna need this ~

It’s raining.

If we’d bought that cute little vehicle of motor with the flames and all, we would have had a brolly waiting for us at the showroom of cars. We didn’t. It wasn’t available.

So, we’re gonna need….you know.

I was hoping to do some serious cruisin’ with Mr. G, honey afterwards. My brain cells voted for San Francisco.

Let it be known in all the land that we did our best to boost the economy this week.

Somebody else has to step up now.

Today is the day.

Cannot sit still.