On the universal Christmas TO DO List continuum…

We’re doing this today. We’re doing this today, because yesterday someone was kind enough to inform me that it was one month until Christmas.

One month.

I sat for a moment and blinked. Several moments and several blinks, actually.

Then I flipped open WordPad and started making a Christmas TO DO List. Yes, I did this on Black Friday. It is a honking big list.

Here is one section:

Christmas Cards & Hanukkah (Dec 20-28) Cards

1. get!
2. write!!
3. mail!!!
4. postage stamps!!!!

It is a honking big list rife with exclamation points! Like this!!

Fortunately, I picked up some Christmas cards on Black Friday. Check.

Today’s list looked like this:

Sat., Nov 26

1. Finish backyard cleanup
2. Remove fall decor from frontscape
3. Put away green chair
4. Hang Christmas wreath on wall
5. Check outdoor lights
6. Repot little Evergreen tree to brown pot on back patio

It took two hours to complete No.1.

Yes! I was able to cross all those things off the list.

There was a little glitch with No. 4. When we plugged everything in to check the lights, half the lights on the wall wreath weren’t working. You can’t take those little suckers out individually and replace them. Our wreath grows dim. The wreath is on hold on the wall until we can find a replacement. Everything else works. Wahoo.

I like the outside lights to go on beginning with the first Sunday in Advent or the darkest day in November, whichever comes first. Sometimes I cave under the pressure of the dark.

We’re ready, dim though we may be.

I managed to throw in cleaning the front door and removing all remnants of Halloween from the interior of our home. Yes. Halloween. It comes after Thanksgiving in Canadaland.

After posting this, it will be back to writing and working on the Scrivener tutorial.

How is your list coming?

Wait. No. Don’t tell me.

I don’t want to know where I sit on the universal Christmas TO DO List continuum.

4 thoughts on “On the universal Christmas TO DO List continuum…

  1. I love the “!!!” and the word rife. So this post made me smile. (Also, to make you feel better, I live in the US and just found 2 decorative spiders I forgot to put away from Halloween. So on the Christmas continuum you are kicking my ass, fyi.)

    That is all. 😉


    • Mandy – I didn’t think I wanted to know where I was on the Christmas continuum, but after reading your comment, I guess I do. I feel loads better. LOL

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Cheers!


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