And through the woods…

This is a packed day.

Blog lite. That’s what we’re doing on the blog today.

Today is the 99th Grey Cup. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs the BC Lions. 6 pm ET. Canada will be riveted.

I’ll be pumping out the word count with Sven or Conn or any of my other muses imaginary friends.

The end of November is close. Mama Weather has been unsure. Indecisive. She’s just plain been messing with our heads.

One day, it’s 47 and raining the drops measured in buckets. The next day, it’s a balmy 59 with a full-blown happy face sun. The day after, it’s 27 with mad snow flurrying through the air.

Mama Weather does not know her mind in November. Maybe never.

My Michigander of a sister sighted Mama W doing the snow dance on November 10th. She can dance.

On the morning of November 11th, her neck of Michigan looked like this…

Are these trees not magnificent? Through the woods, baby. Through the woods.

I think we’re going to grandmother’s house.

Whether you’re watching Grey Cup, pumping out the words, writing your Christmas cards, or just kicking back with a good book, enjoy the last Sunday in November.

Mr. G, honey will be sorting out those half-working Christmas lights. Won’t you, Mr. G, honey?

Mr. G?


Oops. Gone fishing missing.

P.S. Thanks for the pics, Sis.

2 thoughts on “And through the woods…

  1. Just lovely photographs. Our snow is all slushy and brown on the ground right now in Maine. I am actually looking forward to a new layer covering our trees sometime soon.

    You just reminded me to get a move on with my Christmas cards!!! Thanks. 🙂


    • Hey Krista – I’m glad you enjoyed the photographs. We’ve only had some furious flurries here in my neck of Canadaland… far. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Cheers!


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