Sometimes you’re the Duracell…

I went to bed thinking about the Energizer Bunny last night, and I woke up thinking about the Energizer Bunny this morning.

It probably has something to do with that honking Christmas TO DO List I built from Lego on Black Friday. Just kidding. I built it in WordPad.

I’m chewing on a Lego brain crumb after seeing a condo this weekend that looked just like a Lego brick, sitting right next to a condo that was doing a great impersonation of a thumb drive. Where is a camera when you need one?

Except for that one tiny brain crumb, today I’ve got the Energizer Bunny on the brain.

On. The. Brain.

Sometimes you’re the Duracell; sometimes you’re the ordinary zinc carbon battery.

Today, I need to be the Duracell.

Hello, Monday!

P.S. Two more posts, and I am crossing that November NaBloPoMo finish line. Cue Rocky theme.