Even Santa, baby…

I don’t know what’s going on in our house inhabited by two. Yes, we lead an ark-like existence. Two of humankind.

But, but, but…

This is the neverending story ——–>

No. This isn’t my dirty laundry. I could should would never show you that. I bought the use of this image online. Gotta love the internetz.

It is a reasonable representation x 10 of something that never ends in our ark of two.

It’s clothes. It’s bedding. It’s towels. It’s table linens. It’s G-Pup towels/bedding/table linens. Yes, she has a mastodon-sized placemat underneath her G-Pup-dining dishes. She’s a Golden. Enough said.

Where is the laundry fairy?

Riding a luckdragon somewhere, no doubt.

I should be burning a bazillion calories a day — or 348 — running from the W&D in the basement to my office on the second floor. At least.

My only consolation is ——–>

Even Santa, baby…