You know it’s Hump Day when…

You know it’s Hump Day when you wake up to…

the dog barking,

the car alarm blaring,

the telephone ringing,

and the iPhone texting.

FYI ~ I’m not good with barking, blaring, ringing and texting BC — before caffeine.

Barking — a chipmunk ran across our fence, and the G-Pup copped an attitude.

Blaring — new car, new alarm, new aggravation.

Ringing — that phone call so wasn’t for me. Right, Mr. G, honey?

Texting — early morning commuter syndrome.

But, since I adore the person doing the mad texting, she gets a pass. The barking, blaring, ringing, not so much.

The big sister said all I needed was the Fire Department.


Get behind me, Hump Day.

I’m just gonna be working this out with…

Etta and Christina

Yeah. I feel better already.