I’m looking ahead…

… to tomorrow — Winter Solstice. Yeah, baby!

In the meantime, I’m pretending to be all Christmas bakey and singing in the darksome rain that has been our weather for the last two months. Okay. You can throw in an occasional day of sunshine and a snow flurry or two, but mostly darksome and rainy.

I told a friend today that it was like living in the PNW without benefit of the yummy seafood and ocean view. It is my cross to bear here in my neck of Canadaland.

I’ll be spending the rest of the day sprinting between the washing machine and the oven because Mr. G, honey has run out of socks, and I do not have one Christmas cookie/bar/tart/confection in this house.


Are you ready? Because it’s 3 more sleeps until…

In the meantime —

Penguin Dance

Have a little snow on me.

You’re welcome.