Let there be trees…

We made the must do trek to TO for the Twelve Trees of Christmas on the 9th. I wrote about this annual exhibit at the Gardiner Museum here last year.

It’s one of our favorite seasonal things to do in the Yorkville District of Toronto besides shopping, and we always stop at Indigo’s flagship store at the Manulife Centre and stroll across to the New Yorker Deli for lunch. It’s not New York deli, but we’re not in New York, Toto.

The theme this year was All Creatures Great and Small.

Here are some highlights…

Ecosphere ~ Tristan Fuller and Alana Boychuk, BOYCHUK + FULLER

I could have slipped this in my purse. It was big enough…my purse.

The Twelve Dogs of Christmas ~ Susan Taylor of Susan Taylor Interior Design and Katherine Burke of Katherine Burke Design

Santa, please put this tree in my stocking. The G-Pup needs some buds to play with.

All Creatures Great and Small ~ Anne Swain and Christine Ecclestone, Annabelle’s Interior Design Inc.

I want that tree topper.

Here are some closeup shots of other trees in the exhibit. For, in truth, the closeups are much more fantastical than my full tree shots. My full tree shots are less than fantastical. I’m an amateur. It is my cross to bear.

We Are All A Twitter ~ Robert King, Karen King and Jasmine King-Niit, Norma King Design Inc.

The Snow Creatures ~ Robert Tanz, Robert Tanz Interior Design

Uccelli in Cielo ~ Janet Williams of Janet Williams Interiors with Lorenzo DeCurtis of DeCurtis Design

Ships of the Desert ~ Ralph Neal and Jonathon Neal, Upper Canada House Ltd.

Noah’s Ark ~ Julia West and Isabella Dabrowiecki, Julia West Home

Every creature on this tree was two-by-two. I loved it.

It’s a Small World After All ~ Cobi Ladner, Cobistyle

And what I call the Christmas-tree-thinking-outside-the-box contender. Mercy!

Christmas My Deer ~ Camal Pirbhai, Kate Hardy for Gallery Bespoke

I love the antler thing going on here. And the pink thing. And the feather thing.

That’s a wrap.

Yes. It is snowing on my blog. The Globe & Mail told me this morning that this is the only snow I’m getting for Christmas. Snow Grinch!