Call the Truant Officer…

Yeah, I skipped a day.

Tuesday found me still shredding and tossing and doing a bucket of paperwork in my spare time. A bucket.

We usually don’t box up Christmas at Hacienda Elen until after Epiphany, but I’m feeling some sense of urgency this year. I don’t know why.

Today is Git-R-Done! day.

Because it’s Hump Day, aka Wednesday,

Because the top button of my jeans is open (Curse you, Season of Joy!),

Because we could make popsicles on the patio,

Just because…

Here’s a blast from the past for our mutual viewing pleasure ~

I Got You Babe

I heart this on so many levels. Love the song. Love the fresh-faced Cher. Love the hair. And the fashion statement, mercy! A 1965 dynamic duo.

You’re welcome.

If I’m not here tomorrow, I got accidentally shelved in the basement with the seasonal joy. Somebody text Twitter.

I don’t mean that.