Can you guess?…

Never mind the glare. What is it?

Mr. G, honey found this in his Christmas stocking. It came in two pieces, and he had to put it together himself. There were many possibilities. Many.

What is it?

I know what it is. I’m the perp. I did the deed. I put it in said stocking.

I want to know if you know.

Do you?


Tell me.

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TGIF, baby!

7 thoughts on “Can you guess?…

  1. Is it one of those ‘helicopter’ things, where you spin the rod back and forth in your hand, let it go, and it flies up in the air a bit? No, on second thought, the wood looks too heavy. It would have to be more of a balsa kind of contraption.

    I’m stumped now! 🙂


    • That was a good guess. It’s just not correct. 😉 I’ll reveal tomorrow, just in case someone else wants to take a shot at it.


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