Got no title, got no pearls…

Plenty of tweeting on the intertoobs today about last night’s Golden Globes. Did you seem them?

I saw them. Yup, I did. But only in bits and pieces, because smack in the middle of the Golden Globes was Downton Abbey, and Downton Drama trumps Golden Globes any day. I was delighted to see that they won a Golden Globe for Best Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television.

I had to go online this morning to get a good glimpse at all the gowns and tuxes. There were some beautiful gowns worn last night. Didn’t you think? I loved Emma Stone in Lanvin, and Nicole Kidman in Versace. But I absolutely adored Kate Winslet in Jenny Packham.

Moving on.

Okay. I can’t wait to see The Artist.

Now, I’m moving on.

I saw this cookie at my Second Cup yesterday. Isn’t it just as cute as can be? I love the Canadian Maple Leaf on it.

The barista gave me the look when I told her I was buying the cookie to take a picture of it, that I wasn’t actually going to eat it. Of course, I might have given me the look, too. I had cookie monster written all over my face.

But I know, and y’all know that I’m in M&M rehab, so I’m not eating sugar. No. I. Am. Not. And that’s going really well for me.

I gave the cookie to Mr. G, honey. He’s not in any kind of rehab, refined sugar or otherwise.

I might have inhaled some cookie scent before I handed it over.

Our winter weather is being held hostage in the PNW right now. They’re getting inches and inches of our snow, and we’re getting their 45 Faren temps with rain and fog and darksome and graysome.

I had to beetle to the first floor and light a fire in the fireplace and make a big pot of soup and bread and stare at the fire while I worked. It was the only thing that made sense to my weather-fogged brain.

Now, we’re in a wind warning.

I’m thinking Mama Weather might be in M&M rehab.