Single Shot Monday: aka Boy Howdy!

soup_steam_elengrey_january_2016 (1280x1280)

Boy Howdy!

I gave myself and the smartphone a facial taking this click.

You’ll get the full skinny on this #pulsepledge soup later in the week. Let me just say right now that it was a huge hit.

We taste-tested it last night before it was stashed in the fridge to marry. It’s on the menu for lunch tomorrow. Can’t wait.

In Other News ~

We saw Star Wars on Saturday. It was a Gloomy Gus day, and this was the perfect antidote.

Are we the last to see it?

There was a little five-year-old girl in front of me in the theater. It was her second time. I wondered how many people around me were there for the second or third or fourth time.

I like to wait until the crowds thin. I don’t like to stand in a line that snakes around a building and down the block, even with a smartphone to amuse myself. And I don’t like to sit in the front row where I can see things on the screen no movie-goer should ever see.

Boy Howdy!

True Confessions ~

G-Pup takes event-based anti-anxiety medication. I should be so lucky.

Just kidding.


Heavy rain, thunder, lightning, and fireworks give her the terrors. Oh, and testing the smoke alarms. This has escalated with age.

I know this because she was dosed yesterday before we headed out in a light rain to do the weekly grocery run. By the time we returned 45 mins later, it was a very loud rain, and she had chewed her way through a library book. Afraid to increase the dosage without checking with a vet first, we scooped her up for the rest of our errands.

Boy Howdy!

And poor baby!

Aging is not for the faint-hearted canine, nor human.

In Other, Other News ~

I watched the Golden Globes last night. Did you?

Was anyone else perplexed by The Martian winning a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture in Musical or Comedy? Anyone besides me and Ridley Scott?

Boy Howdy!

In Other True Confessions ~

I do not understand the appeal of Ricky Gervais.

That might be the most negative thing I’ve ever said here.

No. Wait.

I don’t like radishes! is the most negative thing I’ve ever said here.

And Monday is in the house.



You knew that was coming, right?