Sakura Hanami…

Hello, May. You’re looking mighty fine.

Bloggity, how I’ve missed you!

In late March through April, life grabbed my family by the emergency butt and shook, shook, shook. Life is like that sometimes. People are recovering, on the mend, going for the gold, getting ‘r done.

So let’s just move right along.

In between things, I grabbed all the play gusto I could get. I needed distractions in a big way. Social media and blogging wasn’t going to cut it. Just sayin’.

Sakura Hanami

AKA, cherry blossom viewing.

We did this. In mid-April. The cherry blossoms were early this year. The peak is usually late April to early May, but blossoms come when they’re ready. They were ready.

This was our first trip to Toronto’s High Park. I don’t know how that happened exactly. It’s a beautiful city park spanning 400 acres. It has been referred to as the jewel of the Toronto park system.

The day was cool and slightly overcast, perfect for tramping about… all bazillion of us camera-toting bipeds. We went the Thursday of the peak of the blossom-peeping weekend. Just to get the jump.

These shots are SOOC (straight out of camera).

Oh, yeah.

I live for the small shot.

Very pale. Just a hint of pink, bordering on white.

Come to mama.

Just hangin’ out.

Blossom-peeping at its finest.

You can’t tell from these photos, but there were tons of people all around me doing the digital clickety click.

Sakura Hanami, baby!

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