Dear Dr. Anesthesiologist…

Because I had a little day surgery yesterday.

And because I have a little thang about anesthetic, which I prefer to spell with an ae, but WordPress doesn’t.

Not too little.

Not too much.

Just right.



Today, for the Friday Happy Dance of JOY!!! hour with Lisa Kessler, aka @LdyDisney, a little dark HDofJ humor:

Waking Up Is Hard To Do

I also love their Breathe. You can see it here.

My anesthesiologist was great. He didn’t do the usual count — 10…9…8…7. FYI, I last until about 9. Zonk. He was tricky. My surgeon came in and started singing some rock song I really like, but can’t remember anymore — I got the good drugs — and cracking a joke about the anesthesiologist…

I laughed.

And then I woke up in recovery.

So, thank you Dr. Anesthesiologist for doing your job with the not too little, not too much, but just riiiight! and monitoring all those vitals and not so vitals… and not using the Clapper method.

Moving along before I get a tear in my eye.

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TGIF, baby!

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