Little Red Riding… Oops! Wrong story.

Fruit of my hardly any labor at all…

I put only two strawberry plants in this pot. I really wasn’t holding out a lot of hope. I’ve planted a strawberry plant or two before and, well… it wasn’t pretty.

Well, hello there!

You look real pretty Little Red Riding… Oops! Wrong story.

We’re harvesting one berry at a time.

This went into my morning hamster bud breakfast. I know. Delicious. You want some, too.

Hamster Bud Breakfast, aka Twig & Berry Breakfast

Start with a bowl. A bowl is good.

1/3 cup crunchy hamster bran buds

1/2 banana — slice, don’t slice. That’s a personal choice.

Throw some blueberries into that bowl, man!

Add a handful of strawberries — slice, don’t slice…

Chop yourself some walnuts or almonds or pecans and sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle.

A dash of ground flax seed — I let the experts grind it.

2/3 cup of skim milk

Grab a spoon. Munch, munch, munch.


Yes. I use the precision method of cooking.

I eat this every day that I’m not having a fruit & yogurt smoothie (or eggs with bacon and tomatoes and toast and jam, or blueberry pancakes with maple syrup and bacon and…).

Yes. I’m conflicted.

A gal’s just got to have a strip of bacon now and then.