Not just for eating anymore…

‘Tis the season. The season for pumpkin.

I make a lot of things with pumpkin — pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin custard (my personal fave), pumpkin butter, tableaux, jack-o’-lanterns, pumpkin everything.

So I thought.

Then, on Sunday I was reading Katie Glenn’s blog — katie: normal girl. And Katie has done something with pumpkin I’ve never done. Katie makes a moisturizing pumpkin body whip.


I met Katie online, because Katie likes to garden. I like to garden. Katie is also an herbalist. And she writes a weekly column over at Hello Giggles Dot Com — The 21st Century Herbalist.

I sprinted over there to read more about Katie’s pumpkin body whip and found an interesting link in the comments section: Eau de Pumpkin: For Men Pumpkin Is a Real Turn-On

Of course, I had to read that, too. Sprint, sprint, sprint.

Apparently, it’s pumpkin that really gets the male engine running. Who knew? I might be rethinking my Fresh Citron de Vigne.

I’m also thinking that it is probably the pie version of pumpkin, because raw pumpkin is just not all that tantalizing. You’ve got to cook that sucker. Throw in some cinnamon and some nutmeg. Isn’t that right, Mr. G, honey?

Mr. G, honey is too busy forking-up pumpkin pie to answer, but he gives an affirmative grunt.

The things you learn on the intertoobs.

As a Northern Girl, living in the Great White North, I can’t wait to try this simple moisturizing body whip. Only three ingredients. I could enjoy some as a dip, too. Have mercy!

Click on over.

Monday’s in the house!

4 thoughts on “Not just for eating anymore…

  1. What a fun surprise to be part of your post today, thank you so much! I read the article in the comments, too…how funny is that? But now I wonder, is it pumpkin or maybe it’s food in general…maybe women should just start slathering themselves in food and see if the men come runnin’!

    Thanks again and I ALWAYS enjoy reading your blog!


    • It was my pleasure, Katie! I think it’s food in general… bacon and pumpkin in particular!! We should be throwing our money into the food industry instead of the fashion/cosmetic/glam trifecta. Just sayin’! 😀


  2. I made a nice moisturizing whip out of honeyew melon that was too far gone to eat but still smelled, and felt, yummy. My skin was in great shape.

    I’ve read the pumpkin/libido theory before. My understanding was the allspice. Who thinks this stuff up? I will have to give Katie’s blog a try. You’ve never led me astray yet, Elen, at least not in a way that was anything less than fun.

    Good job over at the Daily Tree blog, btw. You have a real eye for photos.


    • I’m sure you will enjoy, Katie! Ah, allspice. I thought the link on men and pumpkin was too funny!! Mm. I like honeydew. 😉
      And thanks. I am enjoying being a contributor on the Daily Tree.


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