This is one of my favorite months of the year. We mark the winter solstice in this hemisphere during this month and hang the greens.

For us, it is Advent. We wait for the arrival of the Christ child with child-like anticipation and wonder.

We also hold dear the secular celebrations and traditions — Santa and reindeer, elves and stockings, candy canes and lumps of coal are just a few.

We love the rush and hurry, the cooking and baking, the gift-giving among family and friends and to those in unfortunate circumstances, the mittens and caps, bright eyes and flushed faces, the whispered secrets and surprises, the wrapping and tying and frenzied card-buying, the singing and merry-making in general.

A big ol’ whoop of joy is December.

It is a tradition in our house to flip the switch on the outdoor lights the first Sunday in Advent or on December 1st, whichever comes first.

The first keepsake that appears on a table is a beautiful little blue & white plate with gold trim from Greece that was given to us by a dear friend many years ago. The second is a simple pottery, unadorned Christmas tree made in five different sections that was a handmade gift from two adorable, little red-headed neighbors before we were even thinking of having children of our own.

We make a few new memories to add to our book.

It is a time in which we hold joy and hope in our hearts.

Are you making special memories? Do you have a keepsake that always comes out to grace your home in December? Please share.

The thundering sound you hear in 3…2…1 will be me, running down the stairs to flip the switch on those lights. Gracie Allen and her Golden flapping ears will not be far behind.


Yes, I have a new header up for winter. It’s from the same photographer for my previous fall and winter headers. Love the work. Embrace the color!