Questing for a size C-7…

Tangled LightsI might’ve looked like this today.

Okay. Nix the long, dark eyelashes.

Nix the red nose, too.

And the antlers.

But the ears and light bulbs are spot on.

Spot on.

What follows is a tale of sadness, of horror, of suspense, of happily ever after… with notes of nursery rhyme.

Our chubby, little six foot tree almost became the vic in The Chubby Little Tree With No Lights this Christmas.

See. Sad.

Don’t say anything to her. Her branches still tremble every time she thinks about it.

There is a great divide in our house. One, who shall not be named — we all know who he is — loves multicolored Christmas lights. Tiny, twinkly, multicolored Christmas lights.

Another, who shall not be named — we all know who she is — loves classic vintage old-fashioned white lights.

These old-fashioned lights are of a certain size.

They are not C-6 — too small.

They are not C-9 — too big.

They are C-7 — just right.

He and She decided to compromise with multicolored C-7s.

Everywhere they went, there were C-6s and C-9s and twinkle lights galore. But no C-7s.

They had to resort to Safari and Google Maps and GPS.

See. Horror.

They agreed. One last stop. One last store. One last aisle. One last shelf.

And so they did.

See. Suspense.

And there they were. C-7s. In white. In color. In multicolor.

They grabbed not one, not two, but three boxes. And made tracks for home.

It was a freakin’ exhausting day.

Here comes the happily-ever-after.

Now the chubby little tree is dressed in fat, multicolored C-7s.

And as Christmas is her witness, she will never wear white twinkle lights again.

The End.

This tale might have been written by committee.

I’m not saying it was.

But I’m not saying it wasn’t.

What’s your Christmas light style?

We’ve made a few changes on this site. WordPress added some snow for the month of December. Ho-ho-snow. I switched-up the background color, so you could appreciate the ho-ho-snow. I added Connect With Me at the top of the sidebar, for anyone who would like to connect on Twitter, RSS Feed, or Facebook. Easy peasy.

2 thoughts on “Questing for a size C-7…

  1. Lights? We don’t need no stinkin’ lights 🙂 I drape hard plastic icicles from the branches along with my great-grandmother’s decorations. Then I put the small tree in front of the window. The sun hits the icicles in the day and makes them sparkle. The lamplight hits them at night and makes them sparkle. Very pretty if I do say so myself. I expect to see a picture of your tree, sans the antlers, red nose and beard(last post)


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