Covered in snow cream…

We all know that Michigander Sister — a few Great Lakes to the west and a giddyap south of me — has been getting a truckload of snow more than I have. As in — she’s getting a foot at a time of lake-effect snow. I’m getting two inches. A max of 6 inches.

And I call myself a Canadian, a dweller in the Great White North.

What’s a Northern Girl to do?

Here’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to peel back my fingerless gloves, do a happy dance or ten in my fluffy moose slippers, and share two beautiful snow shots that landed in my inbox.


This was taken on January 24th at around eight in the morning. I have lust in my heart for her trees.


This was taken on February 4th at about the same time. Between storms — grass and asphalt!

They just look like they’ve been covered in snow cream.

You’re welcome.

And Happy Tuesday!


3 thoughts on “Covered in snow cream…

  1. Love the serenity and peace that snow filled pictures always bring. I understand that too much snow can be destructive or a pain in the butt, but it always looks so beautifully happy.


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