Squirreling away…

We’ve got a fat, black squirrel this winter who zooms up and down the fence. Over and under.

Zoom. Zoom. Zoom.

Sometimes, he squats on top.


And crams food into his jaws as fast as his little paws can shovel.

He’s a fence-squatting food junkie.

And he’s a leaver.


He leaves a wedge of apple here.

A slice of orange there.

Thursday, he left a cracker in the mailbox. It was one of my favorite crackers, too.

I’m wondering where he got it.

He left a piece of bread on the round table outside my living room window. It was just far enough back to tease the G-Pup. She made more than one attempt to nab that frozen white bread. She pined. She whined.

No go.

He’s getting a little paunchy, our black squirrel.

I’m thinking personal-trainer-paunchy.

I’m thinking more zooming, less squatting.

Monday’s in the house.


Note: Image today courtesy of Mr. G honey.