Single Shot Monday: Slop… +

Flower Hug!

First, here’s a flower hug. We could all use that in February.

This click was taken at Skaneateles, New York in 2013 and posted here in 2014. It was the best of times.

In Other News ~

When I left for the library this morning, I flipped open the mailbox for the post person. Damned if that crust of bread and half a peanut shell and one peanut weren’t still there. So. I went all rambo-active and chucked that bread into the snowbank along with the peanut and half shell.

And when I returned an hour and a half later, that crust of bread was back in the mailbox courtesy of fence-flopping hoarder squirrel. He left the peanut and shell in the snowbank. I have been schooled.

Why doesn’t he just eat it????

Now, I suppose you’re wondering about the title of this blog post… Slop. You were probably expecting a click of a pail of kitchen waste or some pig dinner.


Sunday night at the movies at the Elen casa was a Netflix pick called Their Finest (2016) depicting the 1940’s film industry (WWII years) in Britain. During the Blitz, a secretary is hired by the British Ministry of Information to write slop — women’s dialogue — for the war movies and propaganda ‘infomercials’ which preceded them. Of course, her role becomes so much more. Based on the book Their Finest Hour and a Half by Lissa Evans. This was a great find. Check it out. You know you want to.

And Monday is in the house.