Hovering, I Say…


Both annual and perennial, did you know it was a member of the legume family? I did not know that. It was necessary to corral the daylilies. They were hovering over the lupine. Hovering, I say.

In Other News ~

I’m almost 100%. Wowza. That sucked big time.

Every day this week has felt like Friday.

I binge-watched The Handmaid’s Tale (Novel by Margaret Atwood, 1985) seasons 1-2 and fractured my psyche a li’l bit. The cast in incredible. Have you seen it? And has anyone else seen the 1990 film adaptation? This is not that. I waded through the cruelty and torture to witness the story unfold. It struck me somewhere between prophetic and cautionary tale. Taking a little break before season 3.

We’re approaching Canada Day Weekend. Somehow, I missed that too. Yikes! What happened to June?

Strawberry season has arrived in Ontarioland.

Here be Hump Day.

Let’s boogie right into Friday. I mean Thursday.