The Bumbly Bees Got Drunk…

Rudbeckia, a beloved garden perennial.


Rudbeckia, one of my faves. Pretty sure this is Gloriosa.

Gloriosa or not, it’s a beloved garden perennial.

For some reason, the lyrics from Fame keep rolling through my brain every time I look at this click. Baby, remember my name…

And we shall be called Rudbeckia.

That’s the way my brain works.

Not sure I saw the original movie, but I watched the 80’s tv series and the 2009 remake. Go ahead. Google. You know you want to.

Who saw it on the stage?

In Other News ~

I had to move the birdbath which lives in the shelter of the PeeGee Hydrangea tree/shrub. Don’t get me started. The hydrangea is in full bloom and the bees are a hummin’. And a little drunk. Eight beautiful bumble bees drowned in the birdbath since I replenished the water two days ago. Sob.

I had already moved it out in the open once because the hydrangea blossoms were so heavy and covering the birdbath. I moved it for the cardinal bird couple. Out in plain sight where they could see it. Just a few feet away. And two mornings ago, I watched the female land on the supports for the birdbath with a What the hell? expression on her face. Her wings slumped and she flew away. Defeated, I put it back.

And the bumbly bees got drunk on blossomy goodness and decided to go for a swim.

I’m not sure what the moral of this story is… for me, the cardinals, or the bumble bees.

Here be Hump Day.

Carry on.

Nothing to see here.


This image was taken in the side garden, August 2019.