The eve of lake-effect snow…

Winter storm is coming. Lake-effect snow. Winds.

I’m not real unhappy about that. No shunning!

For a Northern Girl, I’ve had little opportunity to capture any decent snow on camera this winter. Click. Click. There have been no snow-hotties roaming the neighborhood. No snow-hottie sightings at all.

I live for that — and flannel — during the winter months.

We’re the Great White North. We should look like it.

Ironically, this came today ~


I’ll be thumbing through it, when I’m not snapping pics of the big Lake-Effect Winter Storm.

Moving along.

We went to see Hyde Park on Hudson last night. Go. See.


Laura Linney and Bill Murray shine bright. Linney is a fave actor for me. That being said, the two characters that made my little theater-going heart go pitty-pat were Bertie (Samuel West) and Elizabeth (Olivia Colman). Trailer here.

Note to filmmakers: Is that hand-held camera shooting really necessary? It’s making me dizzy and interrupts the storytelling. Just sayin’.

Oh, and I’ll never eat another hot dog without thinking of this movie.

Signing off from Storm Central.