Working for cookies…

There is a CPU sitting in my office from 2002 fully loaded with a 80GB hard drive and 256 MB of RAM. I run Linux off it.

It cost $1600+ (BT — before taxes) back in the day. In 2002. It actually ran Windows XP. It’s hard to imagine.

I’ll pause while you slap your thigh with a cowboy hat and bend over laughing.

An HP Mini keeps that CPU company, sporting 1GB of RAM and a 160GB hard drive. It’s been a good little value. A mini value. Highly portable, and easy to connect to a 21″ flat screen. Again, Windows XP.

But lately, I began to bite my nails over how much longer that mini gem might last. To save my nails and my sanity, I caved and bought a laptop with a 17″ screen.

It is RAM and hard drive heavy.


It’s cruising with Windows 8.


It is a Niagara Falls leap from XP to W8.

It’s a learning curve.

My brain hurts.

By the end of tomorrow, I hope to have it fully functional — packing my programs and files, wearing my apps, Skyping and G-Mailing, and Google-chatting.

I’m bringing in support.

Mr. Super Techlet.

He’s working for cookies.

Cookies I baked myself.

Cookies I taste-tested myself.

I might’ve left him some.

Shh. Don’t tell. He never, ever reads this blog.

Stay tuned. The regularly scheduled blogging will resume shortly.


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