flying into the nothing…


And we’re doing a Friday Happy Dance of JOY!!! hour with Lisa Kessler, aka @LdyDisney. Welcome girls and boys. Haven’t done this for a while.

But I’m in the mood.

I’m in the mood because I am up and running — and I use that phrase loosely — with the new notebook and Windows 8, and today is going like this:

Where are my files?

Where are my pictures?

Ooh. Shiny!

What is that beep?

Why does the Skype box keep popping up?

Ooh. Big screen!

I’ve either fallen down the rabbit hole, or I’m flying into the Nothing on the back of Falkor the luckdragon.

It feels intense.

So let’s just do some Friday joy.

Here are Of Monsters and Men, an indie folk/indie pop band out of Iceland. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and… oh, just Google! I love how the drummer is finding his joy. This is Mountain Sound.

A shout out to my good friend @KeziahFenton for sharing her love of Of Monsters and Men. She finds the best music groups ever.

TGIF, baby!


Why, yes. Yes, I did change my header. I like it.

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