golden hope…

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Yesterday, I needed to get out of the house.

Get out of town.

Get out of the news.

What better day than Earth Day for a little field trip. The sun was shining. The temp was bordering on pleasantly mild.

I headed out to one of my favorite places in Toronto. A place of absolute serenity smack dab in the center of urban living.

Edwards Gardens — a 35 acre garden park — and the Toronto Botanical Gardens (TBG) — 4 acres of themed gardens — residing in perfect harmony.

It looked, judging by all the vans and trailers in the parking lot, that filming was going on in EG. And it was. They were filming a bit of The Best Man Holiday, due to release later in the year. This is not an unusual sight in Toronto. A lot of filming goes on here. All I could get was a glimpse of crew moving about. I left them to it.

I had an agenda.

I took my camera and the iPhone, but it was maxed-out on images. I had about 1300 on it.

Yep. I’m an image hoarder.

Seriously. When I came home yesterday, I spent a good part of the day uploading those memory hogs to Box, which functions much like Dropbox, which I also use. Box feels more like a social media/storage hybrid. I still have about 600 images to upload. So far so good. As in… I like it.

This is the time of year when we’re all desperate — Aren’t we? — to get outside and feel the sun and air on our faces. Start tidying up the winter gardens. Looking for new growth. That’s what I’m doing. Every. Chance. I. Get.

The winter body is demanding it.


Some of you are well into spring.

I envy you.

I have spring envy.

Here, in my neck of the Great White North, not so much.


This gave me hope.

Golden hope.

Tuesday… business as usual.


Full Disclosure: Box and DropBox have no idea I’m over here yapping about their products.

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