Snap me blue…

IMG_3898_dappled_blue_elengrey_april_2013 (1280x960)

It’s rain, rain, raining today. I don’t mind. We need it.

After the mammo boobage smash yesterday, I worked clearing the side garden of winter debris. So many little things are popping up — sweet woodruff, daylilies, periwinkle, asters, mums. All the little green bits pushing through the soil and leaves and dead grass. I have white sweet alyssum beginning to bloom, and chives are up.

I’m taking joy in small things these days. We could all use a dose of that.

And speaking of mammograms — and I hope you’re getting a regular check if you’re of the female population — my greatest fear, as I age, is whether or not that boobage is going to plump back into shape after the whole squish, squish, squish, Squash! It does weigh on my mind, somewhere behind global warming and the fiscal cliff. But not too far.

Is it just me? Because I have yet to grasp the finer points of tying the little blue gown. String 1 does not match up with String 2. And String 3 is the string that goes nowhere. Couture it’s not. Just saying.

Men — I would say, “Avert your eyes,” but sometimes this happens to one of you too. I can hear your collective hiss of breath now. Borg hiss.

Moving along.

It’s rain, rain, raining today. I don’t mind. We need it.

It’s taken the better part of three days to upload all those iPhone pics to Box. See yesterday’s post here. Of course, I was multitasking. You have to or your eyes will glaze over. I’m determined to get my images organized this year. It’s only April-almost-May, so there is a good chance of that.


So I snapped this carpet of dappled blue yum at Edwards Gardens on Monday.

I share it with you for this, the Day of Hump.

You’re welcome.


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