Close Shot Friday 034

Iiii’mmm only a womaannnn of fl…

Standing in the kitchen belting out I Never — Thank you, Rilo Kiley — I’m pausing from my kitchen music debut (and eleventy hundred hours of seasonal cooking) to bring you this Friday close shot.

Such is my love for you.

That, and I need a Christmas Blend break with a big dollop of hard liquor cream in it.

Why be stingy? Let’s have both.

When this freezing rain day is over, maybe I’ll throw a DVD in the ol’ player, give the Whirley-Pop a crank or two, and snuggle under a comforter with my best friend.

Don’t it feel good?

Why, yes. Yes, it does, Sheryl.


My other best friend.

It’s only fitting.

Must Love Dogs.

The dog who would not swim is my favorite character.

Oh, and I might have a thing for John Cusack. Lil bit.

TGIF, baby!


Note: This is an iPhone shot that I popped on Instagram back in April. But it will always be one of my favorites. Soft focus.

4 thoughts on “Close Shot Friday 034

  1. Gorgeous photo. The focus may be a bit soft, but it’s appropriate. Heck, they used to sell portrait lenses with significant spherical distortion precisely because the soft focus makes people look better!


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