Single Shot Sunday: Shiver…


We’re in the midst of a wintry mix. I like that, don’t you? Covers just about everything.

Right now, that mix is rain, freezing rain, and fog.

Eastern Canada is about to get whumped, whomped, trounced, thumped.

I could feel my ice-covered hydrangea shiver this morning.

It might have been a shiver of gratitude that they aren’t in Eastern Canada.

I might have shivered, too.

Wishing you and yours joy of the season.

If you’re traveling this holiday season, safe journey.

I’m taking the next week to be with family and friends. Settle by the fire. Dream.

Libations may be involved.

Did I say that?

See you after we all ring in the New Year.


4 thoughts on “Single Shot Sunday: Shiver…

  1. And let me add: another great photo posted on one of the wittiest, best-written blogs around! I’ll raise my glass to you over the holidays.


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