Just because…

…it’s Tuesday.

Just because it was 68 Fahren and raining yesterday.

Just because it is 28 Fahren and snowing today.

Just because I think I saw the Easter Bunny, with his ears twitching and his foot thumping, hiding eggs in the compost bin.

He is one diabolical bunny.

I’m on to you this year, E.B.

Just because.

Musician J. Walter Hawkes is having way too much fun playing that trombone.

He can play for me any second of the day.

My love for the music of Norah Jones is great.

I am for sure procrasti-writing today.

Gonna be sinkin’ soon.


Note: Here is a link to the music video for this piece. It has awesome. Sinkin’ Soon.

4 thoughts on “Just because…

  1. Great post–and I love the ‘bone man. That is some nasty playing–and I mean that in the best way possible. He’s doing what a ‘bone man should do.

    And Norah Jones: awesome. She has a great voice; she phrases marvelously; she plays piano deliciously; she has great taste in music; and, from all reports, she is one down-to-earth human being. She plays in the Little Willies, where she is joined by one of the greatest guitarists around: Jim Campilongo. She’s a gem. She’ll be remembered and praised long after the Britneys and Katys and even the Lady Gagas have faded from memory.


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